When a level of expectation has been set and that level is achieved, it is easy to perceive that nothing is wrong and it is as good as it gets. This depends on the level of expectation set and whether anyone is challenging it. We in Positioneering have challenged this and aim to now set new levels of expectation in Precise Positioning



Our founders and management team were responsible for creating one of the early innovators in the field of precise positioning and building it over a period of 20 years into one of today's market leaders. With this unparalleled experience, in Positioneering, they have created a business with pioneering approaches to positioning for the next 20 years

What We Do

Positioneering is a new independent company established to be a dedicated provider of precise GNSS positioning services to the offshore energy, scientific, telecommunications and marine industries. With a goal to deliver appreciable gains in all areas of precise-positioning performance, delivery and user experience it employs unique approaches for optimal solutions.

Our Journey So far

We have spent the last 5-years conducting research and discovery of every aspect of the precise positioning equation and from this have developed a brand-new range of market-changing products. After considerable testing and pre-commercial operation, we are now beginning full production and launch  to the market





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Head Office

53 Abbotswell Road


United Kingdom




To apply for a post with Positioneering, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: joinus@positioneering.com



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