Positioneering Community POSCOM


Positioneering Community POSCOM

A key element of our solution is Support but support of different kind. Our philosophy is to minimise or even remove the need to for support of defects, failures and operaitng difficulties. To achieve this we have employed optimum design and production methods to ensure build quality and consistency coupled with the most extensive testing and validation of all aspects of our products.


Employing a plug and play approach to the operation of the system thereby removing any need for user configuration also ensures that minimal operating support is required.


Instant Help

Our sole aim is to ensure that our customers and users are able to rely entirely upon the positioning solutions we provide and without any burden. We have designed and engineered the best solutions possible to avoid the need for extensive support however when support is needed, of any kind, we have made it as fast and easy as possible to secure a resolution. To cover every eventuality, we have several types of focussed and optimised support.

The HelpDesk is normally the first point of contact and uses an online fault ticketing system. Contact can be made directly through a telephone call, online message including e-mail, Skype or a direct Chat system. Once an enquiry has been made the ticket will be channelled to the most appropriate department or funciton and will then a rapid resolution will be delivered. 



Anytime-Anywhere Access

One of our core aims is to remove any restrictions of location and timing and inconveniences related to reporting and resolving any issues. The proliferation of the Internet has allowed extensive remote control and management of devices in the consumer world-this is referred to as the Internet-of-Things

Communications is far more difficult in our industrial sector, which is usually in difficult and very remote environments, however, we have implemented a range of support features that can be self-accessed in near real-time using a discrete communications channel that we call PosLink. This allows direct control, monitoring and management of our positioning solutions worldwide



Real-Time knowledge

We place great value in the benefits of investing in training. We provide comprehensive general or bespoke training solutions to our customers and users, both at our Service-Operations-Centres and also on-site as required.


Courses can be provided in general positioning technologies as well as in Positioneerings product and service range.


Field Support


Many positioning issues can be associated with poor installations. We have designed our hardware and service solutions to make installations and subsequent setup and operation as trouble-free and transparent as possible with a plug-and play approach and with all engineering dealt with in the product design. Every aspect has been standardised upon optimum components throughout from antenna, cables and even product mounting.

In addition to this we also provide comprehensive training to allow our customers to conduct optimum installations and subsequent mangement directly themselves, however, we also provide comprehensive field support including the design, installation, maintenance and management of positioning spreads on board vessels and at other remote locations.

Our approach includes complete and detailed solution design and subsequent documentation for inclusion in vessel and project records.