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Positioneering's founder and CEO was responsible for creating one of the early innovators in the field of precise positioning and building it over a period of almost 20-years into one of today's market leaders. It became clear, however, that the only way to truly realise his passion and desire to revolutionise the technology and products in this sector was for it to become Core-Business and so Positioneering was formed in late 2008 to take on this quest.

Our Mission


To provide Precise Positioning Solutions to Professional Users with the Most Challenging Requirements




To be the Preferred Provider of Precise Positioning


We will employ a pioneering approach to everything we do and how we do it.

There are no boundaries or ceilings to our aspirations and through these aspirations we will deliver real value to our customers to ultimately create the business success that allows us to deliver our promises to all stakeholders within it.

Our Misson
Our Vision

How We Operate

Doing it Right

Our Way of Working

Having the luxury of a blank canvas permitted optimum solutions to be designed and produced without having to consider legacy products and the challenge of introducing new features without disturbing existing users. It was therefore paramount that this opportunity was not wasted and so the requirements of all technology and derived products were considered to the deepest degree ahead of development. This approach proved so successful that we now employ the approach to everythig we do.

Top Down
The company employees a Top-Down approach to everything and employs a process beginning with a definition of the desired ultimate end solution before determining the implementation. This ensures that the ultimate delivered solution is not compromised or restricted by the limitations, perceived or real, of known methods. By adopting this approach the end objective is always determined without boundaries and remains the focus throughout.


We Don’t Always Know Best!
There is a long-standing perception in this industry that we are special and that “only we understand our requirements” and as a result must design and build everything ourselves. Furthermore it is often suggested that if something isn't produced internally then there is some essentiaal loss of control and potential weakening of availability and reliability. The result is that instead of integrating the best solutions a highly compromised and usually unnecessarily expensive “Home-Grown” solution is produced. After decades of experience in and around the industry we have adopted a completely different approach whereby we adopt only the absolute best solution for each requirement and from the most appropriate supplier. This focus on outsourcing has not only led to optimal solutions but has also yielded substantial operating and commercial benefits.



Ultimately everyone invovled with the business is seeking the same outcome and that is some form of added value and success. Whether negotiating a procurement or sales contract, a technical solution or even a salary review traditionally begins with two opposing sides attempting to obtain the best outcome for themselves. Our belief is that by adopting an open rather than a default confrontational position and considering all viewpoints, all parties can succeed together and the better one party does, then the better all parties do. Adopting the true Partnering Approach in everything we have done has created what we believe is an ideal outcome for all of our stakeholders.


So much time is wasted in every aspect of life resolving problems and their consequences. Very often these problems can be avoided by investing the time and effort in the original solution. Positioneering's approach is to invest in designing solutions that avoid problems occurring in two ways; firstly, through optimum design, engineering and comprehensive testing and secondly, when the former approach is not possible or sufficient to avoid a particular problem, the issue is engineered-out by removing the need for that particular element but without impacting the final requirements.

How We Operate
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