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Product Philosophies

Product Management

A True Product

One of the fundamental objectives for Positioneering was to revolutionise the approach to the design, development and manufacture of Products within the sector.

The low-volume and highly bespoke nature of the market makes the adoption of high-end Product Management and Produciton a challenge and traditionally systems have often been hand-built impairing build cost, production and operating consistency and transparency. 


In Positioneering we have adopted an wholistic approach to our products from the creation of initial concepts through to final production the result of which is substantial benefits for all parties including significantly higher build quality and consistency, operating transparency and ultimately reduced production cost.

A Change of Philosophy

Our market sector is highly specialised and requires comprehensive support at all times to allow 100% availability. This does not mean that products and services cannot be completely transparent in operation and possess the reliability and consistency of high-end consumer products. What this does mean is a considerable change of philosophy.

The Traditional Way - Commercial Conflict

The main focus of the sector is the sale of subscriptions to augmentation services. As a result the user hardware, which is considered as a means to-and-end, has not undergone the scale of developement that it should have.

Our philosophy is very different we believe that no element of the positioning solution should be compromised, especially for short-term commercial reasons. Although we wish to grow our business we also want our customers to receive the very best positioning possible so that every element is equally important to achieving the optimum solution. We have therefore completed the most thorough design and development of the offshore precise positioning solution to date.


In such a specialised sector, it has long been the case that those involved believe that they know best and must be in control of everything. This has severely limited development and evolution. Our philosophy is that we must be aware of what we are good at and stick to that whilst employing the best partners for those other elements.

Our process involves combining our experience and knowledge of the market to produce clear and objective Product Requirements and then selecting partners who are the best in their chosen field to implement them. The result is a range of products that leverage the very best technologies and solutions normally restricted to high-end volume consumer products.

The Result

The outcome of our approach is that the substantial investment and time invested in the up-front design and development of our products has led to a completely optimum turnkey position solution produce to a level of quality and consistency never seen before in this sector.

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