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Committed To Doing It Right

Health & Safety, Environment & Quality

In todays world, it is easy to be cynical about the increasing intervention into how we lead our lives and what we can and cannot or should and should not do and the increasing drive for procedure, health and safety and care for the environment.

In Positioneering, we are passionate about being the best and operating in an optimum manner, which means that everything we do must be effective and quite simply, it must work. Rather than achieving accreditations and mounting up impressive statistics, our approach to Health and Safety, the Environment and Quality is that it is a cultural foundation of our business rather than a "Must Comply" item.

Our business is People! Looking after our people is everything. If we have healthy people whose wellbeing and safe-keeping is paramount and they are operating in a good environment then we have a contented workforce, who are not only motivated but substantially more productive.


The impact of an effective quality system means clarity, consistency and minimal re-work, which not only helps our people in conducting their work but makes the company more efficient, our customers receive the best solutions and service and ultimately we achieve a financial success, which is then reflected through performance initiatives and once again our people succeed along with the company. Everyone wins!

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