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What We Do

Our Job Description

We provide users with their precise location, continuously every second of every day, in all weathers and environmental and operating conditions. To achieve this ultimate positioning solution we have conducted extensive research, discovery and subsequent innovation and development of state-of-the-art technology and products for use in the harshest of environments on earth.

We provide a complete turn-key solution which includes the most advanced professional A-GNSS (Augmented-GNSS) hardware product, a suite of visualisation and functionality extending software apps and access to the highest integrity global GNSS Augmentation service. The result of this is seamless high-integrity, ultra-high reslience positioning to an accuracy of 5cm with an integrated independent fall-back solution of 15cm.

Underpinning this is a comprehensive support product that provides all levels of interaction for our customers including; vessel installations, planned maintenance, a 24/7 helpdesk, training solutions and technology support. 

We are committed to the long-term, which is evidenced by the amount of time, effort and money that we have invested into doing things right. This philosophy extends to everything we do and our objective is to provide complete transparency in everything to ensure that even the most technologically challenging requirements are delivered with zero burden or stress for our customers. This can be through the completely automated product configuration and operation to the commercial flexibility we can provide.



The purpose of the Core Positioning Module or CPM is to integrate the best available GNSS reception and subsequent measurements with the related GNSS augmentation data and then produce the resulting position. The final stage is to deliver the position to the user via a choice of different interfaces in an optimum manner.

The user hardware is a core element of the solution and there are many areas that must be considered to ensure position performance and quality maintained at all times.




The purpose of Positioning Visualisation Software is to provide extended presentation, analysis and reporting of the positioning solution. This allows users to have a clear view of current system status as well as providing alerts ahead of potential positioning issues helping prevent incidents. 


Fundamental to this software is having access to all data and information relating to the position and so we have designed the most comprehensive interface format yet and we call this POST (POsitioneering Standard Transfer).

Our software that uses POST is therefore called POSTMAN (POST MANagement). 


Augmentation Service


Stand-alone GNSS can at times provide accuracy of a few metres and at other times several tens of metres. GNSS Augmentation is a process that incorporates additional information to achieve two key enhancements; improved accuracy and integrity that assures this accuracy is always met.

Positioneering offers a new approach to this through its A1 augmentation services, which is available, worldwide, through seamless satellite broadcasts. The service provides a novel approach with primary  (5cm) and fallback secondary (15cm) position solutions.




PosCom (Positioneering Community) is our support product. We have designed and created products that are fully automated and operationally transparent that require no user input. Coupling this with the quality and consistency from our production approaches means that the type and level of support for resolving issues can be minimised. In turn our support solution is refocussed on proactive matters to improve the user experience and gain more value from the provided solutions. PosCom includes a range of online support solutions coupled with high-level support engineers available to speak directly to customers and conduct installation, support and maintenance visits.

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