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Positioning Hardware

Core Positioning Module CPM


In Positioneering, we have an wholistic approach to what we do and believe that every single element of our solution is equally important to achieve the best outcome. Traditionally hardware has been a collection of components that are a means to an end - receiving augmentation signals and generating subscription revenues. A little like the mobile telephone industry where the network provider and phone producer have different aims - the network guy wants to sell air-time and make this as easy as possible for the subscriber, whereas the phone manufacturer wants to sell hardware - somewhat of a conflict. In a way the service provider doesnt care what hardware his subscriber uses, as long as he is subscribing, so several initiatives have been developed to ease the burden of hardware ownership. We employ a unified approach and care passionately about all elements of the solution to ensure our users enjoy the best function, performance and experience.

Introducing "CPM"


How Good Is It?



Mounting Solutions


Antenna & Cables

The most important element within any GNSS installation is the antenna and cabling that receives and connects the core RF signals  to the GNSS and Augmentation receivers. The quality of the received signals determine the overall position performance and availability. Although we employ very sophisticated signal preparation and processing to ensure quality, there is no substitute for beginning with the best possible signal. We have developed antennas, cable and signal distribution solutions that not only minimise the chances and impact of any interference but preserve the RF signals in the best condition to ensure the highest position performance in all circumstances.


Many issues are caused by poor installations. We have designed our hardware and service solutions to make installations as trouble-free and transparent as possible with a plug-and play approach and with all engineering dealt with in the product design. Every aspect has been standardised upon optimum components throughout from antenna, cables and even product mounting.




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