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GNSS Augmentation


GNSS Augmentation is a fundamental component to the precise positioning sollution and serves two key functions. There is the obvious one of improved position accuracy but equally, if not more, important is the attainment of position integrity - a guarantee of position.

Unlike positioning on land, where there are many points of visible reference to verify whether we are in the expected location or not, at sea we have none, just swathes of blue sea. 

Our customers' operations are safety and commercially critical and reliable positioning is essential. We have developed the next generation of GNSS augmentation service that provides superior centimetre position accuracy but also with the highest levels of availability and resilience possible.


Beginning with the most comprehensive review and definition of requirements, we have designed, developed and implemented a completely new precise positionoing solution. With an wholistic view; every component has been designed from scratch and is optimal for its pupose.


One of the major differences from traditional solutions is the focus upon availability, which really should be the only thing of interest to users. Rather than offer a range of services and elements with different levels of performance, redundnacy etc. our view is that only the very best positioniong should be provided rather than at a premium and within this service there is inherent resilience and alternative position solutions so that collectively a service provides maximum accuracy but also maximum availability.



How Good Is It?


Quality Assured

Service Monitoring

We have adopted a 6-Sigma business philosophy, which effectively means we are targeting perfection otherwise zero defects in our products and services. The point of this, other than to improve current solutions, is to add objectivity to assessing the quality of our solutions so that we can similarly provide objective quality assurance.

The final system solution is continuessly monitored including the position accuracy, integrity and solution elements against relevant specifications and references. Every element of the service monitored for availability, function and performance and related data logged continuously. In the event of any unexpected performance or failure system alarms are generated and recorded to allow any required action to be undertaking without delay.

Every element of the system possesses substantial resilience and can withstand many failures without impacting system performance or function. The purpose of detect any issues in real-time is to provide early warning so that action can be taken to maintain the maximum possible resilience at all times.

The chart below is an exmple of a position monitoring plot showing the performance of P1 and S1 position solutions at a monitor site. Similar plots are made for data relating to all components within the system on a continuous basis.

Quality Assurance
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