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GNSS Augmentation

GNSS Augmentation

What is it?

Often misunderstood, the purpose of GNSS Augmentation is usually described as a means to improve position accuracy.


Although the minimisation of systematic position errors and subsequent improvement in position accuracy is a key feature of GNSS augmentation, its main purpose is to provide position integrity - that is confirmation that the position solution is indeed accurate.

An Augmentation Service therefore enhances position accuracy and provides assurance of this accuracy and consists of the following essential components:

  • Source GNSS and other anciliary Data 

  • Data network to connect all data source and system sites 

  • Data processing software to compute the augmentation data and manage its distribution

  • Data delivery medium - the system for distribution of the augmentation data

The traditional approach to this has been to develop or adopt individual elements that meet the overall functional and performance requirements in a generic manner. Data for different services and solutions is then broadcast within a single package.

Our Approach

We have conducted the most thorough review of end user requirements from which we have developed optimal technologies to provide the ultimate positioning solution.

Although a subtle difference, we have adopted the philosophy of developing each service specifically with all components fully optimised for that particular solution. 

Rather than develop generic components that leads to compromise; we have developed a solution which is optimal for each service with each component optimum for the end solution.

The definition of each service:

  • A different, independent positioning method

  • A different, independent set of source data

  • A different, independent method of delivery

Each service provides data to permit

  • Two independent position solutions that

  • collectively provide maximum accuracy with maximum availability

A Primary [P] Solution which...

  • Is accuracy focussed to providing maximum possible position accuracy

  • Horizontal Accuracy 0.05m (95%)

A Secondary [S] Solution which...

  • Is availability focussed on providing maximum possible availability

  • Provides accuracy to the same order of magnitude as the P solution

  • Horizontal Accuracy 0.20m (95%)



The core requirements for our services are:

  • Fast signal acquisition in all operating environments

  • Reliable tracking in all operating environments

  • Maximum coverage

  • Optimum use of bandwidth and signal transmisison power

  • Resilient during scenarios of interference an atmospheric disturbance

  • Installation and operationally transparent

  • Maximum independence from other systems



Augmentation Service-A1 delivers augmentation data for multiple Type-1 (Absolute (PPP)) precise positions. P1 provides 0.05m accuracy (95%) whilst S1 provides a high availability 0.20m (95%).

Every aspect of the service design is conducted in line with our technology direction including a combination of partnering with the very best in their field for certain components and elements designed internally.

  • Multiple sources of GNSS source data

  • Multiple tiers of self-healing resilience throughout

  • GNSS-style signalling using Pseudo-Random-Noise-Sequences for optimum acquisition and tracking

  • Optimum signal bandwidth / power envelope

  • Data payload to support multiple position solutions to maximise accuracy and availability

  • 6 Sigma availability achieved with enhanced Eb/No. and subsequent BER (Bit-Error-Rate)

  • Substantial signal reserve at edges of satellite footprint to ensure availability

Our Solution
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