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Visualisation Software


Traditionally referred to as "DGPS QC Software", POSTMAN is a novel and innovative solution to provide complete visualisation, analysis and reporting of the position solution and associated parameters. 


Previous limitations in GNSS hardware meant that to achieve a position solution with Integrity-Management including real-time active Quality Control, a separate computer and software application was required that received raw GNSS and augmentation data and recomputerd the position solution.


This led to a position solution that suffered from high-latency, data dropouts and whilst the benefits of real-time QC were significant, the overall availability and quality of the position was severly hampered.

Larger hardware solutions with integrated computers were developed and this assisted with the issue of latency by computing the solution within the hardware device. The GNSS software application then became focussed on visualisation. The subsequent issue was then the limitation of what could be visualised and analysed due to the very restricted generic interfaces like NMEA.

Positioneering have adopted an optimum approach, which includes; fully integrated hardware with comprehensive position processing, an optimum interface (POST) and a suite of focussed applications that are non-critical to the geenration of position.


The Mailroom


Keeping up with the POSTMAN analogy, the Mailroom is where all incoming POST data is gathered from connected CPM's, decoded, sorted and added to the Mail-Van for delivery to connected Apps. This is a novel approach to the ubiquitous client/server architecture, the benefits of which are substantial as follows.

  • Single robust connection

  • Single efficient decode of data

  • Easily accessible decoded data with simple high-level interface for user-produced applications and extended interfaces

  • Efficient comprehensive automated data logging and archiving

The Mailroom

A World of Apps

Focussed Function

Rather than the traditional approach of a monolithic application that tries to provide all functionality in a single program, POSTMAN adopts a focussed App approach. The benefits of this from the perspective of development and use are substantial. Firstly each App is completely optimised to deliver its target function and does not need to be compromised whilst trying to accommodate other functionality. Furthermore smaller modular Apps can be developed freely whilst not impacting the stability of other funcitonality, which is provided by independent Apps.

In summary:

  • Faster and easier development of new functionality

  • Development does not impact other functionality

  • More adventurous implementation

  • Increased flexibility

  • User App development

  • Easier to use

  • Better more focussed user experience

World of Apps
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