Our products and solutions are used in all marine operations where maximum performance, and availability are required, operating in the harshest environmental conditions and usually technically and operationally very challenging. Our customers operations are safety and commercially critical and so failure to meet these requirements is not an option.


Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey

This application is based upon vessels ranging in size from just a few metres through to larger more sophisticated vessels approaching +100m in length. The operation mainly involves gathering and recording measurements and supporting data from a range of sensors that when synchronised and combined provide precise definition of the seabed including the contours of the surface, the composition of surface material and also what is underneath it. The sensors mainly provide vertical measurements whilst the horizontal position is determined using GNSS. The principal positioning requirements are; maximum accuracy and availability, Quality Control and Assurance. The application requires real-time positioning for track guidance whilst data is assembled through post-survey processing. To ensure correct alignment of data, very precise common reference time is required, which is also provided by the GNSS system. 



Seismic Survey

Seismic Survey is focussed upon measuring what is far beneath the surface of the seabed. Using high-energy sound sources, seismic survey assesses the composition of the sub-seabed down to tens of thousands of metres identifying geology that is synonymous with reservoirs of oil or gas. Positioning of the many sources and receiving sensors requires intricate relative positioning to a few centimetres whilst the GNSS surface positionining allows accurate real-time guidance and resolution of the ultimate position of the acquired data in the real-world.  


Positioning Services


As a provider of positioning solutions, this can often be confused with Positioning Services, which are the integration of precise position services, acoustic positioning, anciliary devices and telemetry within a combining software package. This solution provides the ability to position vessels, structures and anything else during a particular operation which may be related to construction, pipelay, moving oil rigs and any other operation requiring position management. Key to all of these operations is  high-accuracy, high-integrity positioning.


Vessel Control

Dynamic Positioning

The most challenging application for our solutions is vessel control; Dynamic Positioning (DP) or Autonomous Vessel Guidance (AVG). These applcations are real-time and not only require extreme accuracy but also the highest levels of quality assessment and control and integrity and all happening as quickly as possible with minimal latency.